Frequently Asked Questions - Uploading FAQ

How to Upload a File?

Select a file to send by clicking the Browse button. You can then select photos, audio, video, documents or anything else you want to send.
After that you get 2 Links, download and delete link.
You can share the download link with your friends or partners. Every file are possible.
If you dont need it anymore, you can delete it by visiting the delete link and deleting the file.
Please keep the delete link secret, as you can delete the file with this.

Note: We do not allow illegal activities.
We reserve the right to close accounts if our service is abused to upload illegal files.
Please check our TOS for more details.

Can i upload files from other services?

Yes. You can upload files remotely from services like
Just update your account information at the settings, after links should be downloaded without problems by our remoteupload feature.

Otherwise you can add the links in the following format:

http://username:[email protected]/files/7147452812/Temple.Rider.part1.rar

Please check your rapidshare account for right account information/password and traffic.

Can I delete my uploaded file at any time?

Of course you can! After you upload your file, you will obtain an exclusive link for downloading the file, in which you can then send this link to anyone and you will also obtain an exclusive link for the removal of this file, you should save or memorize this link. To delete your file you just need to click its removal link!

How to upload via FTP?

To Upload via FTP, you can use this Informations:

user: your user
password: your password

You can not rename, delete or move files via ftp. Our servers will spread them to our servers and delete the files after finished transfer.

Can I upload Multiple Files at once?

Yes you can select multiple files at a time

How to use your Desktop Tool?

After start, enter your account informations to the settings.
Otherwise every files uploaded via the Dekstop Tool will appear as a guest upload.

We will add an howto soon for the Desktop Tool at the Download Page.

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