Frequently Asked Questions - Premium FAQ

What is a Premium Account?

With a Premium Account you can download without any waittimes and limits.
Just open a BitShare Link and the Download will start!

I have bought an account, but I have not received my login information. What should I do now?

Please login to your email you used to pay. Check please all Spam/Junk Folders.

If you can not find anything, please go to

There please enter a valid Invoice number

Example: 6224717503 (ten-digit number)
You can find it in the detailed view of your transaction.

After you add valid data, your account can be resend and viewed automaticly.

You can also request the e-Mail again if you have forget or loose
your password.
If you get the message that no account with your e-Mail
address was found, its possible that the payment has not yet been
Your account is created when the payment is completed, i.e.
when it has been transferred to BitShare. If you pay via your credit card, this usually is done instantly.
With other payment methods it can take some days.

Where can i buy a Premium Account?

Visit our shop site located at:
You can choose one of our payment solution and pay direktly, you can use it after 20 seconds!

I want to buy premium, what todo?

Just visit our shop and buy it from several payment solutions.

You dont need anything, only an valid email address because we send account login information by email.

I have already an free account, can i get Premium too?

Yes, sure!
Please have a look at our upgrade website if you want to upgrade your account.
You can pay via payment or use your earned money/points for upgrade..

I upgraded my Account, but nothing there?

If this happens, please do a relogin.
Please contact us, if this doesnt help.

I have Premium Account, but slow download?

If you are really premium user and your download is slow, please contact us.

Please include following informations:

- Country you Live
- Downloadspeed you get
- Downloadspeed you can get with your Connection usually
- Which file you have downloaded

Additional you can include your internet provider and browser.

Can i resell Premium accounts?

Yes you can! Check our Reseller Page for more information.
Go here to apply for Reseller.

How can i cancel my subscription payment?

To cancel your subscription manually, navigate to the Settings located at the left in the user navigation.
Head to Subscription settings. At this point you can manually cancel/stop the subscription with 1 simple click.

If you wish to activate your subscription for the next date, just activate it. After you set the status on cancel/stopped, no further payment will be made.

Additional you can use our cancellation form, please send us your last 4 digits of your credit card!

Contact us for more questions. Thank You for using our service.

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