Frequently Asked Questions - General FAQ

What is BitShare?

BitShare is the best file sharing and file storage website out there. Its the ultimative Cloud Storage Service.
You can save and backup your files very easy to our servers. We have the highest amount of storage you will ever find on any Storage Service.

You can access your data everytime you need them. Just access them via your secret link you get, after saving/uploading it to our servers.
Simple and easy - BitShare!

Why should i use BitShare?

BitShare is the best solution for you and your backups. Its the ultimative Cloud Storage.

If you dont have time to put your files on your usb-stick - BitShare can help.
If your file is too large for an email - BitShare can also help.
If you have an vacation video, and dont have any space left on your computer - BitShare can help.
Or if you want to share a picture of you or your friends and want it to show to others, fast and easy - BitShare can help.

You only have to select a file and upload it to our servers. Images, Documents, MP3 or even Video Files - No Problem. With the help of our Desktop Tool you can always sync your private data to BitShare.

BitShare can help you through every of the processes by saving a backup of your most important files on our servers.
We guarantee that it is a easy, quick and fast process to sign up and start uploading your private data.

How to use BitShare?

Its very easy. You can select a file to upload and this file will be uploaded to our servers.

After that, you will recieve a secret link to gain access to the file. Also you can delete the file via the secret delete link.

You can share this link with everyone in the world. From USA to Japan, or somewhere else.
Every user can access the file and download it if you share your secrelt code with them.

If you signup as free user, you can get more benefits like using our filemanager to organize your files in folders and much more like statistics or logs about your daily changes.

Use our website, our own desktop tool, both allow the same experience.

Signup now and get in use to our great Service!

Can i search the BitShare servers for files?

This is not possible. BitShare protects the privacy of all users.
Only the person storing a file gets the secret link to access the file.

Files can only be downloaded if the download link details are known.

We dont offer an search for other users files. And we will never allow any copyright infringements or support for illegal activities.

How long does BitShare store my files?

If you upload your files as premium - forever.

If you upload them as guest or free user, they will be deleted after 190 days of inactivity.
This means: if the file doesnt get any download in 190 days, the file will be removed.

How can i be a reseller?

To act as a reseller, please visit this page: and tell us every information listed there via email.
After a short review time, we will come back to you.

Can i create more/multiple accounts?

Yes, you can. But make sure you dont register accounts with your own referral link.
Otherwise our system will suspend your account.

My account was suspended, what can i do?

Nothing, unless you give us proofs for that. We will not block users without any reason.
Your account will be suspended if we see any illegal activity, such as spamming, leeching, flooding, cheating or other bad sharing activity such as copyright infringements.

My account was hacked, what can i do?

We can not do anything. Its not our responsibility to keep your account secured.
You should activate the security lock, to save your data from others. Go to the settings to activate it.

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