BitShare Manager v2 is out!

With the BitShare Manager we offer you a easy to handle Management Tool.

It allows you to manage your files more easily and effectively. It can be used to completly manage your Account from your Desktop.

The Download is completly free and free of spyware or adware.

Some of the Features!

Download BitShare Manager v2.0.7

How To Start - Settings

On this window you should fill in the login and password of your account that you were using during the registration to the BitShare service.

If you do not have BitShare account you should click the "Sign up" button the top of the page to create a new account.

If the login or password is incorrect you will stay in guest mode - folders and trees will not be displayed.

In case you forgot your password you should click the "Forgot password?" link in the lower left corner of the Login window.

Once you entered valid login data, you can make use of the folder and file list.

Main Window

After you logged in successfully, the full features will show.
There are following main controls:

1. Folder Tree (shows you the folder structure of your account)
2. List of files and folders (shows you the contents of selected folder)
3. List of files for uploading (contains the files you wish to upload)
4. Logs of the selected files. (contains the download, delete or shortlinks)

Uploading Files - Queue List

You can select or drag files in to the Upload list very easy.
Choose files or folders for uploading simply by dragging them onto this screen.

You can use the "Load File" button to locate files or "Load Folder" to locate folders on your computer that you wish to upload.
Please note that when selecting a folder it will be added to the list with all included files and subfolders.

You can select the directory where you want to upload files to. Just open a folder by clicking on it at the folder tree. Once you chose the files that are ready for uploading.
Click the "Start" button to start the process.
You can also stop the upload process by clicking the "Stop" button.

You can delete a file from the list of files for uploading by clicking on the "Remove" button or by pressing "Delete" button on the keyboard after you select the files in the list.
After upload you can tick the "Clean Up" button, to delete all files from the list after finish.

If your uploads failed, you can resume via the "Resume" button.

Options - Upload

On this page you can change your upload options as you like:

Options - Proxy & Log

If you want to use a Proxy connection for the Upload change to the Proxy Tab.
At the Log Tab you can change the Path for the saved Logs. If you want to change it, you can do it here.

Create a Folder

Select the directory where you want to create a new folder. To open a folder simply click on it at the folder tree or enter an alternative option.

You can find the "New folder" button at the top.
Once you clicked it you are prompted to enter a name of new folder.
Enter the name and click on the "Create new Folder" button to create the folder.


The Desktop Tool is still beta You may will find many bugs. Please contact us if you find bugs or errors.
There are many more features included in our Desktop Tool - Download it now
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